Guren no Yumiya

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[ Verse ] 

No one remembers the name of,

Useless, stomped and trampled flowers. 

Birds who’ve fallen down from above,

Wait to try on a new hour.  

You can pray and wish and hope, but,

prayers alone won’t ever save us.

There’s only one hope, yes one light,

Want to change the world? You must fight!

[ Bridge ]

Ignore pigs that try to put you down,

for having the will to let go and move on!

Now is not the the time to accept this damned fate,

Reaching freedom is a choice we must make!

[ Chorus ] 

Channel your rage and humiliation,

Use it to fight — crush the oppression!

Break down the walls, escape — and find a way,

To free your chains and slaughter your prey!

Purpose and urgency overwhelm you,

Burning away the walls that held you.

Pick up your weapons,  ready the fight,

And slice away the twilight. 

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