Slow Motion

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Slow motion the world just keeps spinning on and on!

I just walked down the street, to get something to eat,

kicked off my shoes and sprawled out, watching tv on the couch.

Observing those dumb game shows, we all know how those go,

So I don't really bother, I just make up some answer.

And then came the headrush, my face all hot and flushed,

I put a towel on my head, took pills and curled up in bed,

I try to fall asleep quick, but thoughts of you make me sick,

The fever starts to win, pulls me in and now I'm thinking weird again.

In your teens, you're so smug - think you've heard it all before,

So ashamed, in your twenties you realize there's so much more,

Now you finally get it, in your thirties you're alright,

On and on it goes and goes - it's the great circle of life!

Suddenly it's so hot, and I've got to change my pajama top!

I gaze at the time and it's almost 12'o'clock.

Lookin' down it seems we're just a - minute in the song,

Oh, and by the way, when was the day you were born?

Slow motion!

From the cradle to the grave, 

Your condition,

casually drives you insane,

Waiting patiently for true love to sweep you right off your feet,

Or just for someone to look at you, at least!


It's not really all that simple,

Audition! Try and make a good impression!

You're not the only one living life unsatisfied,

So try and find some comfort in that for now - I'm sure it'll be alright!

Changing the little things, to match up with their needs,

Going beyond and above, so that maybe you'll be loved,

The future blurs the past, it all happens so fast,

It's really quite disgusting, in the end it means nothing,

I cough myself awake, and find something to take,

Swallow the pill and then sigh, more thoughts invading my mind,

This really isn't my day, so all I can do is pray,

But then a sneeze is blown, and I'm thrown, I guess I'm really on my own!

Yesterday, there was me who pushed all worries to the side,

And when times got hard I made it through and didn't even cry,

Time's gone by, and my smile's faded out into a frown,

Guess I'm right on track for being an old lady in this town.

Switching out the damp towels gazing up at the clock with a slight scowl, 

Is it seriously 2-something right now!?

Lookin' down it seems we're just about two minutes in the song,

Oh, and hey do you know when you're going to die?


Finally you'll get some sweet recognition,

For all of the hate you kept in,

Well, that's what I would like to tell you if you asked about it,

But I did things that I don't care to admit ...


You're lucky if you still have one- 


A bunch of blind preconcieved notions,

And in the end even if you try to go out in style, 

Haters gonna hate so try and smile,

Cuz that's just the way it is.

Just writhing and writhing, I'm really really trying.

I'm stuck, out of luck, everything that I once knew - is fading ...

Even though I'm sitting here pondering in self-reflection.

"Achoo! Achoo!" This sneezing makes me look pretty dumb.

"Sniff sniff, sniff sniff" I'm so freaking tired of this xxxx,

Still waiting for this stupid flu to pass ...

Slow motion!

Morning comes, my fever falls

this condition melts away with the clear blue skies.

Thinking back on everything that I said when I was in bed,

it makes me wonder if I'd rather be dead.

Slow motion!

Even idols can't escape it,

In the end, they are buried deep in some pit,

The beginning and the end of the circle are in sync,

It's such a beautiful thing - don't you think?


You want to meet special person the question,

is how do you know that they're the one?

You're not the only one living life unsatisfied,

You're sure to make a lot of mistakes,

Used up until all that's left is fake,

That's just the way things are, you won't get a break!

I'm sure you'll be alright though!


Slow motion!!

The world just keeps spinning then you're dead!

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