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This world forced me to stand out upon the edge,

the walls were closing in, the line I walked so thin, like a needle ...

I tried so hard to find a way to keep balance, 

and then our fingers brushed, and with that single touch, 

I knew you were here,

Both of us try to fly with these old broken wings that we share,

The only things we have ... 

There's only so much time ( until we die ), 

"So what is it you want to do before your time is up?" 

Though I ask ... You just laugh, beautifully. 

Smiling at me, oh so perfectly ... Oh,

Burning under the sun ( melting away ) ...

We'll weave through the spaces between the-buildings that stand tall,

and then we'll fall, and I will pull the trigger at last ... 

At the very end ... It begins again ... 

And snow will fall and cover every thing ... 

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