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The flowers in the pond, drifted peacefully through the waves and the swirls,

Not caring to respond ... They ignored the end of the world.

The sky up above, glimmers beautifully, as always not a care.

It's impossible, I know, but I wish I could be up there. 

I just want to move, but I know, I'm trapped down here and my heart won't let me go.

I'm just too afraid - so paralyzed, I'll stay. I know I can't really be free. 

Suddenly a melody I faintly recall,

Trembles through my heart and memories, the ones I forgot.

Sometime long ago before the chaos and fear,

I think you and I were somehow standing right here.

If I left behind everything I ever once knew,

Then will I soon forget these memories of you?

If all I have are fleeting thoughts of such painful things,

Can I find the strength to keep on singing? 

All that's left are ones and zeroes, floating around.

And I'm so deep in my thoughts that I'm afraid I may drown. 

Trapped within this cage I somehow made for myself,

I've forgotten how to trust in someone else.

If I left behind everything I ever once knew, 

Then will I soon be forgotten even by you?

These feelings deep inside my heart are trying to fly,

I know now that I don't want to say good bye, 

And so I want to say that no matter how far you may be,

I'm praying that my voice will somehow reach, 

If out there there's that simple future that I once knew,

I'll never stop searching ... searching for you ...

Ohh ... 

I won't stop searching.

I won't stop looking, 

I won't stop praying, hoping, waiting for you. 

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