Positive Thinking

I don't really have any dreams,

I don't really have any hope,

I don't really have any cash,

If I work too much I'm sure that I'll just collapse,

Somehow I don't have any friends,

Somehow I don't have a true love,

Somehow no one's right by my side,

If there were stairs to happiness, maybe I'd climb.

Even when I'm trying, nothing really seems to change that much,

Tomorrow will probably, not be any fun that's just my dumb luck,

With my thoughts drowned in negativity,

I walk right on and pretend,

Tears well up, and in the end,

Negative thinking will win.

Hey, one day, I'll be thinking positive.

Maybe I'm afraid of, really wishing for something I want,

Tomorrow will probably, wash it all away and be really fun! 

With my thoughts drowned in negativity, 

I walk right on and pretend,

Tears well up, and in the end, 

Negative thinking will win.

With my thoughts full of positivity,

I'll break the cycle I'm in,

Can I learn to smile again?

Or will negative thoughts win?

Hey, one day, I'll be thinking positive.

No, today, I'll be thinking positive.

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