Heavenly Blue

The dream that you have in your heart,

is written down like ancient ink to a book - 

a prayer, a chance that you took,

But as you reach out to take hold - of the things you long for,

you're realizing that your dreams have turned to dust,


Even so you try to walk a path in the light,

to see a world of beauty, a world you don't have to fight,

And as I walk beside you, I want to see it too. 

The clear blue sky above down to the deep ocean,

paint this world full of colour before they ... fad e away,

Through the night, past the stars,

I wonder just how far,

the gentle - sound of your sweet singing voice can truly reach. 

The light of this deep blue planet,

where the dreams of so many hearts lie,

made us think those dreams could never really die, 

For the sake of what's still to come, for the good of everyone,

we hope we can convey, our feelings well this way ...

Let's turn towards the light, and take off into the sky! 

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