Only My Railgun

Let go of all the dreams that linger still inside my heart, 

Even the future I've longed for is left behind,

Now I don't care about the walls they've built to keep me down,

It's pointless in the end - the power within will shed it's light upon the feelings that I have inside ...

If all that I can do, is accept the truth, of the past I want to leave behind,

Then, yes right here and now, I will make a vow to just destroy everything.

All the streets and all of the houses fall into night,

Just how long can they defend themselves - how long can they fight?

Despite all the pain, I know I've got to be strong,

And so I will do my best to save everyone ...

Looking the blitz loop this planet to search way,

Only my railgun can shoot it - I'm aiming now!

( Looking blitz loop, I'm gonna shoot 

 Feel it inside ... aah ) 

This premonition that I feel coursing straight through my veins, 

it moves as quick as light I feel it deep down inside -


Take hold! If this is what I really want I'll find a way to reach right out and grasp the future in my hands,

(What do I want? I'll take it all ...

I still believe, aah aah )

I still believe in that promise we made back on that day, 

because even these tears, even all this pain, I'll use to fuel the fire inside my heart and find my strength ...




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Comments: 2
  • #1

    FTA (Friday, 29 July 2016 02:40)

    I love your translation !
    Could you make the translation of second verse ?

  • #2

    Noob (Friday, 06 October 2017 13:08)

    I second FTA, I would love to hear a full version of this done by you