Harmonize Clover

The things we chat about on the way home ... 

are secrets we girls only share when we're alone,

Even when the clock's hand strikes 5 o'clock, 

I bet you and I will still find ways to talk.

A tiny four leaf clover swaying with the breeze, 

slowly falls and lands in front of me,

Hey, you know, I am sure ... 

The weather will clear right up tomorrow! 

This road we walked together side by side,

This place we made our own will be our secret tonight,

Aah, the sky of scattered clouds, seem like they may burn out, they're shining so bright! 

Even though I know that these days will fade, 

they'll lose their light and become memories we made,

Hey, right now I'd like to try my best - to help everyone smile again.  

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