Shangri La

It's been a while since we started this journey

When we met, we promised forever you and me.

Memories seeming vague and fragmented apart.

I can't tear myself away from you.

I would rather drown myself deep inside this most beautiful lie

throw myself away

into this rotting ark

Where I'll sink in the tide

I must see you, but I can't see you

Please Tell me where did you go? 

I don't know the truth, but what can I do?

Should I ask? I don't even know

This requiem it calls from them. 

These birds with their wings torn apart

Echoing in this Shangri la deep in my heart

The water, dripping down ... straight from the restless moon ...

Will never, be able ... to return to you ...


During that season then, all that I could do, was laugh about how lovely things were ...

My eyes distracted and glazed, fixated on the fake. 


Please don't disappear, please don't forget my dear,

this illusion  flickers in the dark ...


I don't know why, but I want to cry,

Instead, I call your name ... 


But if my wish, and my warmth within,

will melt away into the dark,


I'll sing from my heart ... And send my love, straight on to you ...


I must see you, I must see you,

Even if it's all just a dream ...


Please hug me tight, hold me close tonight,

Aah, whisper soft to me ... 


I'll overcome, this misery,

trapped like a bird that cannot fly


I'll spread my wings wide ... 

Towards Shangri-La, far in the sky ...


Even if seems, almost like a dream,

I'll hold right onto your hand! 


Even though I cry,

From the afterlife, 

Aah, I won't leave your side. 


It was 'cuz you of you,

that I could find the truth,

I'm glad we had the chance to meet! 


Now, let these feelings ... trapped deep inside, reach you tonight. 

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