(English) Sore wa Chiisana Hikari You na

I became the only one,

looking at you,

seeing your past, and your future too,

Your happiness and all of your sadness,

everything ...


I always believed that as someone grew older and wiser,

They too would become so much kinder,

but I'm still no different from when I was just a kid,


More than anything -

I feel I want to protect you,

Even if I stir within this darkness,

that I know is lurking beyond the horizon,


Nestled within this city 

that shielded us from

a freezing, harsh winter snow,

we'd never seen before,


I want you to know that you have left your mark,

The deepest scar carved into my heart,

It belongs to you and it ever won't fade,


I'll reach out and I'll save,

the sweet song that once made,

you smile ...


And bring it back to you ... 


Every single clock 

in each room is ticking slightly

off time, 

and the sound reverberates in my mind,

We're all just gears that spin like the lies 

we tell ourselves.


All alone I cried and pretended I could be a hero,

So strong and brave thinking I'd save the day, 

But I hesitated as I reached to brush your cheeks,

Fingers trembling ... 


I want to destroy you,

the you that's been chained up within the darkness,

hovering between reality and dreams, 


My fingers that tried so hard to gently caress you,

begin to curl and to twist, 

Things just can't end like this,


And so for my own sake, just for me alone,

I'll hopelessly reach out, though I know,

there's a chance, that I'll never be strong enough,


Somewhere off in the night,

there's a faint, shining light,

So won't you please,

lead me there where you'll sing, 


Ohh ... 


I feel I want to protect you,

And I believe that somewhere there's a place so

bright and warm, 

there's not a doubt left within my heart, 


And those lonely nights where pain survived,

and kindness faded, 

feel like so long ago, 

they're buried in the snow,


I want you to know that you have left your mark,

The tiny flame you lit in my heart,

It will stay, within me just like a scar,


So just smile for me,

please, I want you to sing - 

your voice pierces the night,

like an awakened light,

blooming in the darkness ... so please share your song ... 


I became the only one,

looking at you ... just you ... 


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Comments: 3
  • #1

    Marcos (Monday, 11 April 2016 20:56)

    Thanks for your hard work and for sharing it, I enjoy this song a lot and I'm planing to play it in acoustic with yoyr beatiful lyrics.

    keep doin music!!

    Regards Marcos

  • #2

    KCM (Tuesday, 26 April 2016 16:22)

    Really great lyrics; I love it! But whatever happened to your lyrics for Re:Re? :o
    It seems to have disappeared and I can't find it !

  • #3

    salayna (Wednesday, 18 May 2016 07:02)

    Hi ! My name is Salayna . I am a French singer and I really love your songs .I'd love to do some covers with you contact me at this email: SDoukoure65@gmail.com ;)