(English) Rain Song

Crying and alone, always on your own, your tears fall down and form, a sea of sorrow

Again, you're left alone, your forced to move and grow, the years begin to show, they've taken their toll

I can't hear these things, the rain will drown them out

It washes over me, as I hear the sound


You said it would always be us together, this, I'm sure, is what you meant by 'forever"

Guess I'm the only one that still remembers, promises we made, aren't I?

I'll forget the stars that we saw together, and forget our dreams - I won't dare remember,

A future with the ties that still bind us severed, I don't want that now. 


It might have been the way, the gift on my birthday, what I had to say, about how I felt

"It doesn't suit me well" I laughed 'cuz I could tell, I'd lose it soon


"I looked all through my room", "what more am I to do?"

the rain falls stronger now, as I'm here with you


Why were you the one who's with me, I wonder, I know in your eyes I'm only a monster

All I can remember is your face crying, pitiful and hurt, weren't you? 

I'll forget the movies we saw together, and I won't remember your scent forever

moving in with someone else, this is torture, I don't want that now


I remember meeting you, shy and sweet and oh so cute

you were hiding by the trees, underneath some fallen leaves

I poked you a couple times, to see if you would come outside

Even in the heavy rain, one more time


time will pass away, but me, I'm here to stay

I'll be standing here, crying in the rain


even though you know that I really loved you, really though, i'm saying I really loved you

even though I cared nothing for another, you're the one that I'm losing.

why did it have to be just me alone now, why did you leave me here to move on somehow?

I feel like I'm going to go insane somewhere deep inside 


freezing to the core the rain is relentless, driving into me, it numbs all my senses

falling on the trees, the rain cries out with me, just like you before all of this

I'll forget that we were ever together, and I will forget that love lasts "forever"

crying all alone without you here with me, I don't want that now

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