Hey there and welcome to my official website!! Thank you so much for visiting!


My name is Jayn, and I'm an aspiring web developer and Youtuber. I started playing piano when I was about six and would often compose my own music - but I didn't really get into singing seriously until a few years later. I was briefly a part of a choir in Elementary school, but ultimately kept my singing and song-writing as a hobby on the side along with video games, anime, and other nerdy things. 



I didn't really start taking my Youtube channel seriously until 2012, despite the popularity of a few previous uploads.


I began covering and arranging music much more frequently and branched out to Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud and Facebook. Before long, I began uploading original music and collaborations with other Youtubers! People began reaching out to me and calling themselves my fans, which baffled me as well as and inspired me to continue uploading videos.


Over the years, I've somehow managed to accumulate over 27 million video views and almost 200k subscribers! I am completely surprised by and appreciative of the enormous amount of support I've gotten and will strive to continue releasing new content and working hard to make my listeners proud!

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