"Cake Night" originally started as a bi-weekly event designed for my supporters on Patreon and is now is a series of streams, hangouts and reoccurring events hosted on LittleJayneyCakes' Discord Server.

These events are dedicated to getting to know each other, sharing and cultivating our interests, and of course - having fun! This is the ultimate way to get to know me and I love getting to know all of you. 

Please check the server updates to keep track on any changes or breaks in the schedule. 

Time zones is PST. <3


Join us on Discord! ★ discord.gg/vuaBE3r

Event List


Writing Club

Love to write? Read? Basically, is literature your 'thing'? Join us for a monthly Cake Night just for writers! Share your ideas and good reads and get recommendations from your peers. 

Art Club 
Hey artists! Come share your skills, gather inspiration and connect with other artists of all levels! This is a monthly event just for you! 
Vocaloid Club
Can't get enough of that Mike Hatsune chick? Let's talk about singing robots. Share projects, favorite songs, covers and all things related to the popular vocal synth!
Music Club
Calling all music lovers! Come share your faves, promote your projects, find collaborators and come listen to music with us!
Anime Club

Consider yourself an anime fan? Come watch anime with us! Vote on what series to watch, write reviews and seek our recommendations. All things anime are welcome!