Can I Use Your Lyrics / Music?
Yep! Just credit! If you use my content please do not monetize your video / work unless we've discussed that beforehand. 

What Programs Do You Use For Arrangements And Music Boxes?
Mixcraft Pro Studio.
What Microphone Do You Use?
Shure SM7B.  
What Program Do You Use To Mix / What Program Do You Use For Your Videos?
I use Reaper to record and mix. I primarily use Waves and Izotope Ozone plugins. I use Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects to edit my videos!
Can We Duet / Collab?
I used to say yes to all of these but I can't anymore without letting everyone down haha. Feel free to approach me with a duet or collab request and I'll let you know then if I can or not. Thank you!
Who drew your art? drew my channel art! I've since updated my banner, but she drew my OC a few times actually. ~ 
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