Below you'll find a bunch of different way to help me out as a developing artist! There's a list of free methods as well at the bottom! 

With your support the sky is limitless.

I'll never feel like I'm able to thank you all properly for your kindness, love and understanding, but please know that I will do my absolute best to return that kindness and help and connect with as many people as possible with my songs and platform.

The more support, the more good I'll be able to do for others. Thank you for giving my life meaning, for sharing your stories, for being apart of my journey and for helping me grow as both and artist and a person. I'll keep doing my best to improve and make you proud.  ♥

▾ Best ways to help Jayn grow ▾


Not familiar with Patreon? No worries!

Simply put you'll be pledging a certain amount of money PER MONTH in exchange for awesome perks such as: requesting & voting for song covers, high quality downloads, midi files, harmony guides, birthday letters, original songs, video updates (live & pre-recorded) and even MORE

My favorite thing about Patreon is that I get to give you guys thank you gifts for all of your help!!~ 

The more you pledge, the greater the perks, so click the button and check out rewards on the right and choose your tier. <3 

I'm a little socially anxious, so I find Patreon is the place I'm most comfortable sharing my private life and hanging out. 

It's a much smaller crowd than YouTube! It feels more like a family, and a safe place to land. Patreon is by far the best place to get to know me and establish a genuine friendship, and it is currently by far the best method of supporting my work. 



❥ You can donate to my PayPal with this link: 

❥ OR with a ko-fi donation!


If you're not down with Patreon (or something happens to it) you can sign up to donate monthly with PayPal.


I'll send rewards and perks straight to your email every month! Please check below the subscribe button for details on ranks and the rewards that come with them! ~

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❥ Check out the stuff I can do on my music & demo reels page and hire me!

❥ Check out my commissions & shop page to get in contact about work I can do for you!


❥ Follow and listen to me on Spotify, Apple Music, or purchase albums from iTunes, Google Play and others. 

❥ My music & demo reels page has every song available in digital stores and links to where to find it! 

❥ Purchase something from my page, which lists all of the products I use / games I play / etc. 

❥ Purchase something from my amazon wish-list. The most helpful would be any audio production equipment listed, but the fun stuff is cheaper and will still boost morale. <3 



❥ Listen FOR FREE on Spotify! 

❥ Follow, subscribe, like, comment, share, retweet, reblog, draw fan art, cover my music, enable notifications.

Anything that is visibly showing your support and increases chances of a new person discovering my music is a BLESSING! I'm bad at hyping things up, so I need all of the help I can get.

Here are my social media sites!: 

❥ Add my songs to your YouTube/Spotify playlists. The more the better! 

❥ Attend as many live events (like Cake Nights) as you can, and invite your friends!